what are correct sumtool and nandwrite options for NAND flash?

Cliff Brake cliff.brake at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 14:29:35 EST 2008


I'm trying to determine the correct sumtool, and nandwrite options for
the following NAND flash device:

root at cm-x270:/usb/tmp$ mtd_debug info /dev/mtd5
mtd.type = MTD_NANDFLASH
mtd.size = 67108864 (64M)
mtd.erasesize = 131072 (128K)
mtd.writesize = 2048 (2K)
mtd.oobsize = 64
regions = 0

My question is how do I get the OOB data into the flash image, and
convince nandwrite to use it.  I have been doing the following:

sumtool -i <input_file> -o <output_file> -e  -p;
flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtd5
nandwrite /dev/mtd5 <output_file>

I'm not sure what happens to the OOB data in the input image file when
I use the above method?  Is it simply mixed up in the image and not
actually written to the 64 byte OOB space?  The above method seems to
work, so I have ignored it thus far.

My question is should I be using the nandwrite -o option?  Looking at
the source it does not look like the OOB data gets written to the OOB
region unless this option is used.

if I try:
nandwrite -o /dev/mtd5 <output_file>

I get the following:
Input file is not page aligned
Data was only partially written due to error
: Success

Appreciate any pointers as to the correct way to do this.


Cliff Brake

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