[PATCH 04/10] AXFS: axfs_inode.c

Phillip Lougher phillip at lougher.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 21 23:29:50 EDT 2008

Jared Hulbert wrote:

> The memcpy in question copies a c_node to the page.  The len is either
> the max length of a c_node and size of the buffer I'm copying to
> (PAGE_CACHE_SIZE) or it is the difference between the beginning of the
> c_node in the c_block and the end of the c_block, whichever is
> smaller.  The confusion is probably because of the fact that this
> copies extra crap to the page for tails.

Ah yes, that's where I got confused :)  Glad to see AXFS uses tail packing.


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