[PATCH] drivers/mtd/mtdsuper.c: fix build error

Alexander Beregalov a.beregalov at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 19:40:12 EDT 2008

2008/8/3 Adrian Bunk <bunk at kernel.org>:
> On Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 02:53:04AM +0400, Alexander Beregalov wrote:
>> From: Alexander Beregalov <a.beregalov at gmail.com>
>> drivers/mtd/mtdsuper.c: fix build error
>> drivers/mtd/mtdsuper.c:184: error: implicit declaration of
>>       function 'lookup_bdev'
>> drivers/mtd/mtdsuper.c:197: error: implicit declaration of
>>       function 'bdput'
> It already gets fs.h indirectly through linux/mtd/super.h, so while
> your patch might be correct it cannot fix a compile error.
> If that's with CONFIG_BLOCK=n then it's
>  http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11225
> Otherwise please send your .config .

I do not have this config, I collect log from builds with randconfig
and try to fix problems.
It seems it is the same bug.

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