[PATCH 0/3] Add device-tree aware NDFC driver

Valentine Barshak vbarshak at ru.mvista.com
Tue Oct 30 10:13:08 EDT 2007

Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Valentine Barshak wrote:
>> This adds a device-tree aware PowerPC 44x NanD Flash Controller driver
>> The code is based on the original NDFC driver by Thomas Gleixner, but
>> since it's been changed much and has initialization/clean-up completely
>> reworked it's been put into a separate ndfc_of.c file. This version
>> supports both separate mtd devices on each chip attached to NDFC banks and
>> single mtd device spread across identical chips (not using mtdconcat) as well.
>> The choice is selected with device tree settings. This has been tested
>> on PowerPC 440EPx Sequoia board.
>> Any comments are greatly appreciated.
> Did I express myself not clear enough in my first reply or is this
> just a repeated epiphany in my inbox ? 
> You got plenty of comments to your patches, but you decided to ignore
> them silently.
> Darn, fix it the right way once and forever and please don't try to
> tell me another heartrending "why I did it my way" story.
> This all can be done with a nice series of incremental patches
> including a fixup to the existing users.
> We have enough dump and run shit in the kernel already.
> No thanks,
>    tglx

You know, you're really too tense Thomas. I'm not sure of the reason why 
you're being a complete nerve, but I'm feeling sorry for you.
I'm not saying my approach is the best, but I was hoping for a discussion.
I've reworked the patches according to the comments to the previous 
version and used my arguments to explain why I don't see much reason to 
mess with the code we currently have and added a separate _of version.
I'm sure you'd find some time to do it yourself "the right way once and 
forever" with a "nice series of incremental patches" to fix what we 
currently have (call it a "dump" or anything you like) and even maybe 
add new device tree support.
I'm sorry if for some reason I've made you feel bad.
This is the last time I disturb you with my e-mail, so please, forget it.
Thank you very much for your comments anyway.
It's been nice talking to you,

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