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Mon Oct 29 12:14:10 EDT 2007

hello linux mtd-guys,

I use the blackfin embedded uClinux environment. I want to change a 
flash chip-driver to support all four memory banks which are available. 
Right now, I have a driver which supports 1 memory bank of 2MB. I want 
to be able to use the other three memory banks also 2-4Mb, 4-6MB and 6-8MB.

Memory bank selection is done by using general io pf4 and pf5. For 
instance: when  pf4 is enabled and pf5 is disabled I am writing in the 
region 2-4MB.

What would be the correct way to change the chip driver? Do you have a 
template or tutorial on bank switching?

The driver I want to change is: cfi_cmdset_0001.c

I hope someone can help me.

Servaes Joordens


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