Open message to list moderator

Phil Endecott spam_from_linux_mtd at
Tue May 29 18:30:10 EDT 2007

Dear Moderator,

You have just rejected a message that I sent on Sunday.  This message 
provided background information to the patch that I sent at about the 
same time (and which was accepted).

I sent this patch in a spirit of open-source co-operation.  It fixes a 
bug, but it isn't one that was affecting me.  I just happened to notice 
it and thought I'd try to help others by sending a patch.  I wasn't 
expecting to win an award for this, but I certainly wasn't expecting to 
receive this lecture:

   Your request to the linux-mtd mailing list
   Posting of your message titled "Re: [PATCH] Fix kfree usage in
   various mtd map remove functions"
   has been rejected by the list moderator. The moderator gave the
   following reason for rejecting your request:
   "Your message contain a reference "Re:" in subject but does not
   contain (Reference:, or In-reply-to:, or both) in the header. Please,
   don't do like this. This breaks the mailing list messages threading.
   Either reply or start a new thread. And please, glance at, this is highlighted there.
   Any questions or comments should be directed to the list 
administrator at:
   linux-mtd-owner at
End Quote.

Based on the delay and the wording, I take it that human intervention 
was involved in the production of this message.

For your information, the headers were missing because I was replying 
to a message that I had sent myself, and my mailer gets confused when I 
do that.  (I wrote my own mailer.  It's called Decimail and it's 
open-source.  It does lots of cool things, but it's not perfect.)

Now, you have lost the explanation for the patch and have annoyed me 
enough that I am unlikely to go out of my way to fix any further 
problems that I spot in your code.  Was this really worth it just for a 
missing header?

I invite other list subscribers to express their opinions.


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