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harsh poshtiwala hiharsh at
Thu Mar 29 15:19:02 EDT 2007

Hi friends,

I need to know why do we need MTD?
Is it the Unix / Linux constraints that recognizes everything as a
file. I.e it has built in capability to communicate with different
files with read and wrtite operations only.

where as a flash has different operation i.e erase read, erase write and erase.

So to interface and communicate with flash devices unix / linux need
to have some translation mechanism which can  allow us to communicate
with FLASH?

How do these translation mechanism maps erase read , erase write and
erase operation in to simple read write operation?

Are there any other advantages / Disadvantages of MTD ?

I am not sure what kind of flash memory are supportted with MTD?

I have already read most of the document on

is there any  other document that explains in detail about MTD?
Thanks & Regards
Thanks & Regards

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