[Solved]Timing issue when we use SPANSION 8MB Flash

李威震 weichen.lee at askey.com.tw
Tue Mar 27 04:42:40 EDT 2007

Dear all:
I find a patch for mtd driver (drivers/mtd/chips/cfi_cmdset_0002.c) of linux-2.4.22
which add "write_buffer" function for amd flash.
It solved my problem.
This feature is already in mtd driver of linux-2.6.
But for some reason, we still use customized linux-2.4 kernel.

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I guess this is because of garbage collector thread. Since the sector size is 128KB, you have only few sectors left free (unused) while copying 4.5 MB file.This triggers garbage collector thread to run continuously to make free sectors.

Only way is to have more flash size or have root file system with more free space. (Keeping only required binaries and files in the root FS gives more free space and this prevent garbage collection in the very beginning).

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>I find the discussion with the same subject in the past,
>but it's without worth suggestion.
>Now we have more the same situation.
>We use linux kernel 2.4.19-rmk4-2.17 which is chipset vendor provided.
>The target board arch is arm920t. There is  SPANSION 8MB Nor Flash
>(S29GL064A90TFIR7) on the board.
>we use root file system with jffs2 format on the nor flash.
>The problem is copying the file to /dev/mtd# or the file system will take 
>very long time(around 15 min for 4.5 MB). 
>any suggestion for this iussue?
>Best Regards
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