jffs2_gcd_mtd0 invoked oom-killer

Igor Marnat marny at rambler.ru
Tue Mar 20 17:02:39 EDT 2007

Hello Thomas,

TG>  Invalid Inode      node at 0x000253ec, totlen 0x00000130, #ino   1807, version 106033, isize 428154883, csize     4597, dsize     4597, offset 37875712
TG>  Invalid Inode      node at 0x00025a14, totlen 0x00000046, #ino   8620, version 470658, isize 1019416371, csize     3596, dsize     3596, offset  5997846
TG>  Invalid Inode      node at 0x00025e20, totlen 0x00000091, #ino   8620, version 470663, isize  5997941, csize 3438493594, dsize 4294927703, offset  5997864

TG> Interrestingly enough are the node CRCs of some of the nodes intact, so
TG> the corruption must have happened before writing to flash.

TG> Does the patch below help ?

Unfortunately no, it still crashes in the same way.

Should I attach any debug output or something?

Best regards,
Igor Marnat
mailto:marny at rambler.ru

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