jffs2_gcd_mtd0 invoked oom-killer

Artem Bityutskiy dedekind at infradead.org
Mon Mar 12 09:10:53 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 15:28 +0300, Igor Marnat wrote:
> Dear Sirs!
> I work with the embedded system based on PowerPC 405 EP with 16Mb RAM
> and 32 Mb NAND FLASH. Rootfs lives on NAND FLASH and is formatted
> using jffs2.
> A few months it worked just fine then suddenly the system became
> unusable. Since root fs locates on NAND flash, system became
> unloadable because of error. Anyway I can boot the
> system, loading the kernel by TFTP and having mounted root fs by NFS.
> When the system works with the kernel loaded by tftp and fs mounted by
> NFS, it all seems to be fine until the command
> "mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 /mnt" issued. After this command system tells me
> "f: wrong data CRC" and then "jffs2_gcd_mtd0 invoked
> oom-killer". Then it goes to reboot (see the log below). The problem occurs with
> 2.6.18-rc4 kernel and with (the latest one I can build for my
> board).

Well, in general it may happen since JFFS2 needs a lot of memory. But
16MiB for 32MiB flash looks enough. Does something else consume much
memory in your system so too few is left for JFFS2? Check how much RAM
do you have for JFFS2.

Best regards,
Artem Bityutskiy (Битюцкий Артём)

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