The NFS mounting jffs2 filesystem with errors, solution need

zheng xin zhx821223 at
Wed Mar 7 17:32:17 EST 2007

Hello Experts:

Very very sorry about the previous mail that with disclaimer in it. Now I 
post another one with the same problem but no disclaimer. Thank you for your 
time in advance.

On my kernel (version, I can not mount a jffs2 filesystem by NFS 
(NFS works well for other file systems).

Here is my situation. I have a NFS server running with IP address, it has the /etc/exports with the following entry:


/flash is a jffs2 filesystem

And I have NFS client with IP address When I try to mount 
/flash, I get an error looks like:

mount -t nfs /mnt
mount: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

I saw some discussions about this kind of problem on the following link:

Then I did the fixes given there:
Made the two Change inlinux-2.6.29/fs/jffs2/super.c ,
	struct jffs2_sb_info *p = data;
@@ -150,6 +154,7 @@

	sb->s_op = &jffs2_super_operations;
+	sb->s_export_op = &jffs2_export_ops;
	sb->s_flags = flags | MS_NOATIME;


ret = jffs2_do_fill_super(sb, data, (flags&MS_VERBOSE)?1:0);
@@ -314,6 +319,7 @@
	.name =		"jffs2",
	.get_sb =	jffs2_get_sb,
	.kill_sb =	jffs2_kill_sb,
+	.fs_flags = FS_REQUIRES_DEV,

ALSO, I changed the /etc/exports file entry to:

THEN, I try mounting again by executing:
mount -t nfs /mnt

It DO mount successfully. BUT, when I try to access the mounted directory:
>ls /mnt

It is just dead, no output, can not be killed.

I am wondering are there anything wrong in my previous operations. OR are 
there any solutions, patches can fix this problem so that the jffs2 file 
system can be mounted and accessed correctly ON NFS.


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