JFFS2 Support for Large Flash Designs

Jörn Engel joern at lazybastard.org
Wed Mar 7 06:04:15 EST 2007

Disclaimer: I am the LogFS developer.  Everything below is my personal
opinion based on possibly outdated information.  Apply a grain of salt.

On Tue, 6 March 2007 17:38:04 -0800, Johnson, Charles F wrote:
> What is this list's opinion of YAFFS ? 

o It exists and is working.
o From what I heard it is faster than JFFS2.
o Has a relatively simple design.

o Code is not in mainline Linux kernel.  I generally distrust such code;
  apart from the support question, it is an indication of other problems.
o Only works on raw NAND flash.
o Has O(n) properties, just like JFFS2.  It will hit the same
  scalability problem at some time in the future.
o No compression support.

Likely the best solution for your problem at the moment.

>> LogFS.

o Code exists.
o Fast mount time (~60ms).
o Has O(1) mount time and memory overhead, O(log(n)) for most other
  things, O(sqrt(n)) for GC.

o Still under development.  Medium format is constantly changing.
o Still has known bugs, see http://lazybastard.org/logfs/BUGS
o Currently needs to write more data to flash than JFFS2/YAFFS.

>> JFFS3


o To my knowledge, code does not exist (in public) yet.
o Garbage collection was an open issue, last time I looked.


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