Mount MTD device on host PC

Naveen Sattigeri naveen_j_s at
Wed Dec 26 23:09:40 EST 2007


I'm facing some problem while trying to mount a
compact flash as a MTD device on my host/development
PC. I would be glad if anyone could help.

The setup which I'm using in the lab is as follows:
[1]. Host PC with RedHat 9.0 and MontaVista 4.0.
[2]. Target Compact Flash is Pretec make (128MB). 

What I want to achieve:
[1]. When I connect the target flash to the host PC
(to the IDE Slot), I want the target flash to be
detected by the host PC as a MTD device, so that I can
mount a JFFS2/EXT3 filesystem in it.
What I have done so far to achieve this:
[1]. I have built/compiled a customised kernel in the
Host PC.
[2]. MTD support has been enabled in the Host PC
(using command menuconfig).

My observations so far:
[1]. When the target flash is connected to the Host
PC, the Host PC detects it as a "hdd" device and not a
"mtd" device.

My Query:
[1]. What steps do I need to perform to ensure that
the Host PC detects the target flash as a MTD device,
when connected to it over IDE Slot (using FRC cable).


Naveen Sattigeri.
Design Engineer,
Automation Campus,
Larsen & Toubro Ltd,
Navi Mumbai - 400710.
Ph: 022-67226479

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