[PATCH] MTD: fix s3c2410 error correction

Matt Reimer mattjreimer at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 14:09:10 EST 2007

On Dec 3, 2007 7:20 AM, Jörn Engel <joern at logfs.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 29 November 2007 11:10:41 -0800, Matt Reimer wrote:
> >
> > Is there any chance of this getting committed? It has been confirmed
> > to be needed on s3c2440 and s3c2412.
> Ok, I'm getting sick of this.  Even though I didn't fully review the
> patch, I'll gladly take the chances of breaking something and
> complaining to Matt afterwards.  Certainly beats ignoring this patch for
> all eternity.

Thanks Jörn.


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