Power Fail test - JFFS2 Errors.

Ram vshrirama at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 09:55:08 EST 2007

   I am using Linux 2.6.19. On a newly flashed board, I boot out of
linux. I dont add any files.

   The startup files loads some linux kernel modules. As soon as i get
the shell prompt,
   If i swicth off the power to my board.
   When i boot linux again. I get the following JFFS2 errors:

  JFFS2 notice: (116) check_node_data: wrong data CRC in data node at
0x01306800: read 0x5dc93a5c, calculated 0x6b022e2a.

 I dont think this the expected behaviour of JFFS2 filesystem?.

 Has anyone got a similar error?

Please advice,

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