transfer jffs2 rootFS to Nand flash

Ricard Wanderlof ricard.wanderlof at
Wed Aug 29 10:42:51 EDT 2007

On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Saravanan Chanemouganandam wrote:

> 5. on the host created jffs2 rootfs image using #mkfs.jffs2 -r cmrootfs -n -o
> cmrootfs.img -e 0x20000 --pad=0x20000000
> ...
> 7. on the cm-x270, flashed rootfs image using mtd-utilities
>        cm-debian:~# nandwrite /dev/mtdblock1 /mnt/net/cmrootfs.img
> 	.....
>        Writing data to block 1ffe0000
> 	Data did not fit into device, due to bad blocks
> 	: Success
> 	cm-debian:~#

You shouldn't pad the image up to the size of the device (or partition, if 
you were using partitions) or you will get this error, if there are bad 
blocks in your flash (there usually are). However, your subsequent test 
mount seems to work, so you seem to have gotten all valid data into the 
flash anyway, so it still doesn't explain why it doesn't want to be 
mounted when 
the kernel boots.

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