[PATCH][MTD] mtdpart.c: allow other drivers to get physical address of partition

Jörn Engel joern at logfs.org
Fri Aug 3 05:17:48 EDT 2007

On Fri, 3 August 2007 09:59:17 +0200, Carsten Otte wrote:
> Jared Hulbert wrote:
> >If you get a fault it gets routed to the filesystem .fault or
> >something like that.  The .fault routine can:
> >(a) suspend the erase
> >(b) copy the page to RAM
> >(c) update the pte to point to RAM
> >(d) resume the erase
> >-or-
> >(a) suspend the erase
> >(b) reenable the pte
> >(c) wait a short time
> >(d) disable pte again
> >(e) resume the erase
> Why don't we wait til the erase is completed?

An erase can take up to 5 seconds.


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