Nand Flash write fails

Ajay Jain ajain at
Fri Sep 22 11:39:20 EDT 2006


I have set up a JFFS2 partition on my NAND flash. The board driver in
question is my own. I can successfully 'mkfs' & 'mount' that partition.
However when I start copying any file to it, it gives the following

nand_write_ecc: vectored attempt to write not page aligned data: to =
20b9e4, total_len =       44
Write of 68 bytes at 0x0000b9e4 failed. returned -22, retlen 0
Not marking the space at 0x0000b9e4 as dirty because the flash driver
returned retlen zero

I was looking up the code of the mtd nand layer. I see that in case the
data is not alligned on the page boundary, it returns back giving this
error. Therefore my question is that is it the responsibility of the
"jffs2 layer" or "mtd" layer to issue writes that are aligned to page
ANY suggestions are welcome.


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