Running nandsim...

dedekind dedekind at
Fri Sep 15 03:16:49 EDT 2006

[Please, let's keep MTD ML in CC]

>> It is just a bug. I was fixed in newer kernels. Just change "bool" to
>> "tristate" for nandsim in Kconfig.
> Thanks for your quick reply. I got nandsim running as a module. I was 
> trying to search for some documentation on how to use it (Say to 
> simulate a NAND chip with FTL/NFTL running VFAT or directly using
> JFFS2).
No, no FTL/NFTL.

> Is there some documentation ?
I don't think so.

> I searched on linux-mtd and google'd for some information.
Glance at the UBI HOWTO page - there is some information:

BR, Artem.

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