[PATCH] fix small nand_base errors

tglx at linutronix.de tglx at linutronix.de
Thu Sep 14 05:07:08 EDT 2006

> Thomas,
> Vitaly Wool wrote:
>> Hi Thomas,
>> please find the patch that fixes small nand_base errors inlined.
>> Brief explanation: for nand_write_oob_syndrome, you should first set the
>> position to eccsize, as OOB starts past the eccsize, not eccsize +
>> chunk.
>> For nand_fill_oob I guess that's just a typo, otherwise it just doesn't
>> make sense (and OTOH makes this routine write to 0-th OOB byte thus
>> actually marking it as bad).
> Can't see this patch applied, which makes NAND base fail for me.

Blame dwmw2. It's in my git tree since 2 month



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