Again 2.6.18-RC6 XScale P30 issues

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Sat Sep 9 08:16:02 EDT 2006

Justin Clacherty schrieb:
> Nils Faerber wrote:
>> So something is still wrong. At runtime the filesystem seems to be OK
>> but after a reboot it seems to be defect. Only way to recover is to
>> reflash the rootfs.
> Is the bootup process writing to flash before you unlock it?  syslogd
> might be a culprit...

Well, yes, there are some scripts that touch the fs, but that is IMHO
not the issue here. If it would be I would get the other "unable to
write to locked sector" error.
Instead the fs gets permanently corrupted, i.e. data is written and the
written data is wrong.

Last night I found that the JFFS2 write cache is configured. I will
disable that now and see if that helps - I have the impression that the
fs may contain half-baked stuff after a write. On the other hand, the
JFFS2 write cache is not marked as an experimental feature so I thought
I should be safe...

Well, that like poking with a long pole in the mist, I have to admit.
Very nasty to debug...
If I find something new I'll let you know ;)

But many thanks for your (all of you) help so far!

  nils faerber

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