[PATCH] treat OOB as a single chunk of oobavail bytes

Vitaly Wool vwool at ru.mvista.com
Tue Jan 24 08:02:05 EST 2006

Hello Yuri,

can you please specify what patches you did apply and what flash you're 
using. Thanks!


yuri.golovach at mindspeed.com wrote:

>Good day Vitaly.
>I've tried your patches which modifies nand_base.c, other mtdfiles and 
>mtdutils to be compatible with yaffs2.
>Unfortunately, I've some issues with them.
>        my version of mtd is newer then your and I was unable to patch 
>nand_base.c with your patch. So, I add this patch manually (but I'm not 
>sure - have I done some mistakes or             not).
>2)       After the kernel compiling with your patches I've started it and 
>receive a long list of
>                Bad eraseblock1 ... at ...x..................
>        After "mount" and "df" commands I saw that there is no free space 
>on flash because all bloks were marked as "bad block" .
>        Than I've tried patched version of flash_eraseall but it was not 
>able to see blocks also.
>3) I've changed nand_bbt.c file (in the patched kernel) where simply 
>comment the bad blocks checking. Have booted from it and _successfully_ 
>used patched flash_eraseall.
>4) Than I've start the patched kernel _with bad blocks checking_ but these 
>(previously erased blocks) were marked like "bad blocks" again (in a 
>kernel booting procedure).
>So, can you, please, provide your vision what should I do to run your 
>patch. Or you can send the link on the mtd line which supports yaffs2, 
>because I was unable to find your updates in CVS mainline :(
>Thank you,
>        Yuri Golovach

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