Any reported mtd issues with Intel Strataflash TE28F128

rick adams rgadams at
Mon Jan 16 13:49:55 EST 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-16  Ron Kundla <rkundla at> wrote:
> I've looked at the data sheet for the J3D part and it is identical or
> faster than the J3C part. Intel also states that the J3D part is
> functionally equivalent to the J3C.


A word of warning of Intels idea of equivalent. A year or so ago I was
working for a client who was modifying a design and changing from a
Strataflash rev J part to a rev K part. Intel had told the client that
the parts were identical except for the form factor and an added feature
(burst mode). They stated that code written for the J part would work
fine on the D part (just the old code wouldn't utilize the new feature).
We were experiencing write failures and traced it to a difference in the
power on initialization state between a rev J part and a rev K part. The
rev J part has all it sectors unlocked at power on reset. The rev K part
has all it sectors locked on power on reset. You might want to compare
of the data sheets and not just take Intels word.


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