Any reported mtd issues with Intel Strataflash TE28F128 J3D75?

Ron Kundla rkundla at
Fri Jan 13 11:13:06 EST 2006


A board I work on is moving from the TE28F128 J3C150 to the TE28F128
J3D75 because the J3C parts are going obsolete. According to the Intel
migration guide, the J3D part is a drop in replacement for the J3C
with a couple of exceptions, such as a change when reading the block
locking configuration identifier codes (J3D uses 0x0000/0x0001 versus
J3C using 0xFFFC/0xFFFF) and some minor detail about the Enhanced
Configuration Register (ECR).

I am using the mtd driver from the 2.4.20 build of Linux (hisses from
the crowd using old kernel) and the problems I am seeing with the new
flash is I get *sporadic* errors on the write cycle. Reading and
erasing seem to work okay.

I've checked my chip select timings and they are in spec for the J3C
part which is okay also for the J3D part.

I appreciate any insight you all might have.

Ron Kundla

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