FW: Trying to get MTD to do anything...

Jared Hulbert jaredeh at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 12:48:26 EST 2006

> > Is the map being registered?
> > Is the logic in the map ever executing the probe?
> > You'll have to debug that first.

Please answer these questions before asking others.

> Although the driver is being registered, I get no output from any MTD stuff
> at all (even with debugging turned on) - its almost as if its not there,
> although it is enabled in the kernel build. Is there something in rootfs
> that needs to be set up for MTD - as I have constructed my own rootfs, I may
> have missed something that I need.

You didn't answer either of my questions.  You said you created a map
file.  Is it being called?  If not, then you must ensure that it is.

> Can anyone point me in the directly of which files I need to look at that
> firstly register the MTD drivers, then run the probes,

Yes.  I did.

The map driver regarding which you didn't answer the simple questions,
is where the probing usually happens.

>so I know where to
> start my debugging. I don't have an emulator to debug the kernel yet - only
> (k)gdb if necessary.

At this point a few simple printk()s in the map driver would tell us a lot.

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