[2.6 patch] no longer mark MTD_OBSOLETE_CHIPS as BROKEN and remove broken MTD_OBSOLETE_CHIPS drivers

Andrew Morton akpm at osdl.org
Sat Jan 7 20:45:23 EST 2006

David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote:
> > > 2. What was the reason for marking them obsolete?
>  > 
>  > The changelog says:
>  >  - David Woodhouse: large MTD and JFFS[2] update
>  I didn't ask who; I knew that. I asked you _why_. Admittedly, I happen
>  to know that too - but I want to know if _you_ know it.
>  Since you've taken it upon yourself to decide the timescale of the
>  removal, surely it's reasonable to expect that you do actually know what
>  you're removing and why it's obsolescent?

Hey, Adrian isn't an MTD developer - give him a break.

What he's doing here is to poke other maintainers into getting the tree
cleaned up.  It's a useful thing to do.

If you, an MTD maintainer, can tell him what we _should_ be doing, I'm sure
Adrian would help.

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