Perform test on Flash with a SD card reader/USB pendrive

kroff2 at kroff2 at
Fri Feb 24 06:03:14 EST 2006

I would like to perform test on flash Nand and I try to use MTD but doesn't seem
to work.

I saw you already answer the question of "SD card reader" last year but I want
to know if you know some "tricks" to do it working with your mtd or if you know
how I can access directly to my SD memory.

If there is no possibilty to test them like this, do you know some cheap mean
(USB /PCI card ???) to test the flash nand with a x86 base computer.

Thanks for your answer.

PS : ref of my SD card reader :
  Vendor=04e6 ProdID=0006 Rev= 4.04
  Manufacturer=SCM Microsystems Inc.
  Product=eUSB MultiMediaCard Adapter

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