do R/W tests on JFFS2 and suffer segmentation fault

Robert Liu robertliu at
Tue Feb 21 04:54:30 EST 2006

Thomas Gleixner wrote:

>Which kernel version ? Any patches related to MTD/JFFS2 applied ?
I am using the lastest CVS MTD codes.
More about the testing platform:
  Intel IXP-based board (big-endian) with a 32MB 8-bit NAND flash
  Kernl: linux-2.6.10
There is no patch related to MTD/JFFS2 applied.

>Thats the list_head poison code (see include/linux/list.h
>LIST_POISON1/2). The entry was removed before.
>	tglx
Sorry, let me try to descript the testing again.
I run the testing script on JFFS2 partitions.
When on a real NAND flash, the script always failed
(at different iterations, less than 100).
But it passed on a nandsim (1000 iterations one time,
and more than 500 iterations serveral times).

If any information is needed, please tell me.

Thanks and Regards,

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