JFFS2 and INFTL compatibility

Braden Simpson braden.simpson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 22:32:03 EST 2006

Hi all,

I am having mixed success in using both JFFS2 and INFTL on different partitions
of a Diskonchip 2000 TSOP and was wondering if I was missing something that
should have been obvious.

The intention is to have the main application residing on a seldom-modified EXT2
over INFTL partition and the logs and such on a power-failure resistant JFFS2
partition.  The system currently boots the kernel from the Diskonchip using the
Docboot bootloader and loads the root filesystem into a RAMDisk.

Formatting and mounting the EXT2 partition works just fine but I cannot get the
JFFS2 partition to survive a reboot without being 'fixed' by the INFTL driver on
kernel startup.  The kernel messages on startup are:


The kernel is based on with the latest MTD updates and a patch I had
to make to the fill_autooob_layout function to get it to work.


Braden Simpson

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