mtd on cf card

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I have tried successfully to run JFFS2 on cf using MTD

You need to insert a block2mtd module in the linux, as the CF has a built in
translation layer and it presents the NAND flash of the compact flash as
normal block device. Whether using MTD/JFFS2 for CF will improve the life of
the CF is still a mystery for me, but the block2mtd module presents any
block device (harddisk/CF) as a MTD device and u can then use the MTD layer
and mount JFFS2 on the block device.

Hope that info is helpful



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      I have an at91rm9200 board. It has two 4M nor flashes and a compact
 flash card interface. But I have to run cardmgr command every time to mount
 the cf card. Furthermore, I don't know how to use mtd and jffs2 in the cf
 card. Is there anybody can help me?

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