Reduce boot time with jffs2 and CM-X255

Michel LECONTE michel.leconte at
Wed Dec 20 03:38:18 EST 2006

Excuse me for the lack of informations.

I use a CM-X255 with a NAND Flash of 512 Mo
where roughly 250 Mo are used (90 Mo for the native distribution
provided by Compulab and 160 Mo for specific applications).

At the boot, there's a scanning of the MTD1 (4096 blocks) corresponding 
to the NAND Flash.
This scanning takes 1mn20s. The full boot time, from a reset to the 
login prompt, takes 4mn.
I hope that these precisions can be useful.

Thanks for any help or suggestion.


Enrico Migliore a écrit :
> Hi Michel,
> could you be more specific?
> The boot time, in a production environment, is the time that elapses 
> from the board reset to the login prompt.
> How long is that time on your cm-x255?
> Enrico

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