OneNAND: Update OOB free table

Kyungmin Park kyungmin.park at
Thu Dec 14 21:38:17 EST 2006

Hi, Timo

> Tested. This breaks reading OOB area and the clean marker from there. After
> OOB has been written without ECC it must be read without ECC too or
>we start to get ECC errors.

Yes, you're right. and the current code don't check the read error.
It's similay problem in onenand_wait which can't report the read/write/erase error.

I think I need to change the logic.

First, fix the onenand_wait error report
Second, check the read error.

Anyway come back to main topic

How about the the change the JFFS2 logic to skip the eccpos in cleanmark check.
In onenand_oob_64, it describes the eccpos. So the JFFS2 skip the eccpos

Is it possible?

Thank you,
Kyungmin Park

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