reboot problem with jffs2

Jianlin Zeng jianlinz_2000 at
Fri Dec 8 19:24:56 EST 2006


I have a MPC8248 based board running linux 2.6.11. I
mounted jffs2 FS on a NOR flash partition. The jffs2
FS works fine. But if I modify any files in the jffs2
FS and then soft reboot the board, the reboot hangs.
If I don't modify any files in jffs2 FS and just do
flashcp to a MTD char device, the soft reboot works

I tried implementing the "reboot" functionality on my
board either through "m8260_gorom" or a mechanism
similar to what is used on u-boot, the result is the
same. Can anyone let me know what difference between
jffs2 write and MTD char device write that could
possibly cause the reboot hang? Does anybody have
similar experience?


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