Problem partitioning discontinuous physical start address

Daniel Ann ktdann at
Fri Sep 30 03:36:06 EDT 2005

Hey folks,

Im trying to partion my flash using partioning support (ie. parse
partition from the kernel argument) but for board with 2x intel flash
linearly connected, I can partition it no problem.

Problem exist with board with 2x intel flash (16MB each) non-linearly connected.
One is located at 0x7C00_0000 and another at 0xFF00_0000. If I give
0x7C00_0000 as a physical start address with length as 0x84000000 (ie.
(0xFFFF_FFFF - 7C00_0000) + 1)and select support for non-linear
mappings of flash chips, I get an error saying that its too large.

What options do I have without having to write my own physmap.c. I've
had one before when I was using 2.4 kernel, but having moved to 2.6,
I'm trying not to make any custom changes and trying to stick with the
main stream.

Any advice would be welcome. thanks.


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