mounting NAND+JFFS2

srinath.satyanarayana at srinath.satyanarayana at
Tue Sep 20 01:49:33 EDT 2005


I am using linux-2.6.12 and Redboot on my board.  I have Samsung 32Mb,
16Kb erase block flash on my board
I am not able to mount the empty  jffs2 partition of NAND.
The procedure followed

flasheraseall -j /dev/mtd/7
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/7 /mnt

ffs2_check_nand_cleanmarker(): Cleanmarker node not detected in block at
OOB at 00000000 was ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 03 ff ff ff ff ff
jffs_check_nand_cleanmarker returned 1
jffs2_check_oob_empty returned 1
JFFS2: Erase block at 0x00000000 is not formatted. It will be erased
jffs2_check_nand_cleanmarker(): Cleanmarker node not detected in block
at 000040

Any ideas about what might be wrong.


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