The magic bitmask question - again

David Jander david.jander at
Mon Oct 31 08:15:54 EST 2005

On Monday 31 October 2005 13:31, Fredrik Jönsson B wrote:
> We have a system with a 128Mb NOR-flash of which 3Mb is used as a keep-off 
> area for the kernel and the rest for a JFFS2 root file system. The system
> boots and mounts properly and everything seems fine, but during mounting a
> number of messages such as the one below are shown for each of the first
> four erase-blocks of the mtd partition.

How do you define your partition layout?
Are you sure that the beginning of the first jffs2 partition of MTD is not 
overlapping with your "keep-off" region? Eventually you could be trying to 
interpret parts of the kernel image as jffs2 filesystem. In that case you 
will get such messages.


David Jander

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