TQM859 fault report

Sette Agostino Agostino.Sette at siemens.com
Fri Oct 28 07:04:45 EDT 2005



It has been verified that inhibiting the burst access to SDRAM on the TQM859
faulty module the file system un-compression  task do not signals error at
the bootstrap.

 The effect of the burst inhibit is an increasing of the time duration of
the accesses in the SDRAM and then an overall system performance slow-down,
a similar effect it is obtained by slowing-down the uProcessor frequency.


Tracking with a HP16602 Bus Analyzer the bus activities of the faulty module
has been verified that the interrupt service routine of the Decrementer
timer, that I suppose to be used to generate the 

OS time tick, it is not executed each 10ms.


Sometimes the period between 2 Decrementer interrupt service routines reach
hundreds of ms (but even as 10mS multiple) such as some requests are

 Making same tracking on a TQM866 module it has been verified that the
interrupt service routines of the Decrementer timer are all executed at the
exact 10ms boundary.


Do you have any suggestion about this problem?


Thanks in advance.



Agostino Sette

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