Wrong CFI offset in cfi_cmdset_0001.c

Nicolas Pitre nico at cam.org
Thu Oct 20 11:49:11 EDT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Josh Boyer wrote:

> Hi,
> Support for Extended Query Table version 1.4 was added to
> cfi_cmdset_0001.c recent.  For the most part it works, however I'm
> seeing it detect an incorrect number of hardware partitions on an Intel
> P30 chip.  Adding some debug printks showed it reported 7, which is
> incorrect for this chip.

7 is indeed an "odd" value in all its meanings.

> Digging through the code, I noticed the following lines:
> 		/* Burst Read info */
> 		extra_size += (extp->MinorVersion < '4') ? 6 : 5;
> I think the values to be used are reversed here.

They are certainly not reversed as it used to be 6 for version 1.3 only.

> Version 1.4 of the extended query table shows that the Burst Read info 
> spans 6 bytes, whereas the above code results in a value of 5 being 
> used.  This also accounts for the incorrect 7 value I'm seeing, since 
> the last byte of the burst read info is 7.

Could you double check with other flash model docs please?

I don't have the Intel M18/M30 documentation handy but I think the 
current code is right in that case.


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