[PATCH] XATTR issues on JFFS2

Kaigai Kohei kaigai at ak.jp.nec.com
Wed Oct 12 00:25:58 EDT 2005


The attached patch adds an functionality for mkfs.jffs2.

'-A' or '--with-xattr' enables to stuff up any xattr-imforamations
for each files into JFFS2 image file.
This patch depends on 'jffs2_xattr_take-3.patch' I posted on 28-Sep.

In addition, some constants of JFFS2_XPREFIX_* are moved from
fs/jffs2/xattr.h to include/linux/jffs2.h, because I want to
use those constants in mkfs.jffs2. This change has no effects
in kernel-side.

Perhaps, another style like '--with-selinux' or '--with-acl' might
be better than '--with-xattr'.

Any comments please,

Kaigai Kohei wrote:
> Hi,
> I revised the previous xattr patch in jffs2 based on some suggestions.
> [1] scanning xattr related node for cleaned-up scan.c.
>     (jffs2_xattr_scan.c-cleanup.patch)
> [2] enables xattr support in jffs2.
>     (jffs2_xattr_take-3.patch)
> (*) We can apply jffs2_xattr_take-3.patch for current CVS independently.

Linux Promotion Center, NEC
KaiGai Kohei <kaigai at ak.jp.nec.com>
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