XIP issues introduced between 2.6.12 and 2.6.13

Konstantin Kletschke lists at ku-gbr.de
Wed Oct 12 12:30:33 EDT 2005

Well, as two other guys also I experience Problems getting XIP
functional on 2.6.13.
In order to debug this I set up a nfs root to play from there.

The funny thing I relize now, is the following:

With jffs2 build into the kernel image the system freezes reproducable
when touching a file.

When build and load as a module I can do anything with the mounted
jffs2 partition, everything works fine.

Now I am puzzled. The not being a module or being a module is the only
difference and I testet both situations a dozen of times.
Another sidenote: I once had an XIP Kernel today running, root over
nfs and used /dev/mtdblock4 as a swap device with no problems. How
comes that :) ?

Regards, Konsti

Fingerprint: 13C9 B16B 9844 EC15 CC2E  A080 1E69 3FDA EF62 FCEF

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