"Timing issue when we use SPANSION 8MB Flash"

nreddy at netenrich.com nreddy at netenrich.com
Sat Oct 8 01:48:02 EDT 2005

Hi ,

We are developing an embedded system with u-boot and Montavista Emebededd
linux ( Kernel Version 2.4.20).
Here we have put AMD 4MB flash  and the system is working is working fine.
Recently we have increased Flash size to 8MB(SPANSION ( S29GL064M90FAIR10)

Now the system works fine but with one problem.

When i try to copy files to /mnt/jffs2 directory it is taking very long
time(around 8 Minutes for 2.2 MB files).
But when i try to copy files on 4MB Flash (AMD(AM29LV320DT) Make) it is
taking only 1.7 Min to copy same size of files.

Can any one throw a light on this...

Thanks in advance,
--Nagi Reddy

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