size of ebs enabled image much bigger than original

Peter Menzebach pm-mtd at
Tue Oct 4 11:18:44 EDT 2005

I wanted to test EBS for faster boot of my embedded system. I created a 
new rootfs with mkfs.jffs2 (mkfs.jffs2+sumtool from cvs today)

The image before sumtool has a size of about 3.7Mb. After sumtool it has 
5,9 Mb

Submitted commands:
mkfs.jffs2 -e 8448 -n -l -r act -o image1
sumtool -e 8448 -n -l -i image1 -o image2

Is this "normal"?

Best regards

Peter Menzebach
Menzebach und Wolff IT-Consulting GbR
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