[PATCH] [MTD] kmalloc + memzero -> kzalloc conversion

Jörn Engel joern at wohnheim.fh-wedel.de
Sun Oct 2 08:07:48 EDT 2005

On Sat, 1 October 2005 12:04:59 +0400, Artem B. Bityutskiy wrote:
> Deepak Saxena wrote:
> >I see it more as an API usage cleanup then a "fix" of any sort. 
> >
> Well, actually it may be helpful in only future, for example, if it is 
> known that the allocated memory is zero-filled already, memzero() may be 
> avoided at all.

Even today, kzalloc() takes less code than kmalloc() + memset().
Shrinks your binary size by a tiny amount.


Mundie uses a textbook tactic of manipulation: start with some
reasonable talk, and lead the audience to an unreasonable conclusion.
-- Bruce Perens

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