256MB Flash and 512MB SDRAM - out of vmalloc space

Chris Elston chris.elston at radstone.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 08:10:23 EST 2005

I've encountered a fairly fundamental problem with my Flash mapping driver,
and I was hoping that someone could check my proposed solution for sanity:


I have a board with 512MB SDRAM and 256MB of Flash.  The SDRAM eats up a 
big chunk of kernel virtual addresses and therefore mapping the Flash with
ioremap fails because I've run out of contiguous virtual address space. 
I can't reserve more space with a "vmem=xxx" commandline because I'm on ppc
not x86.  I don't really want to go down that route anyway, because my 
company will eventually produce boards with 1GB SDRAM, which will only make
things worse.


My proposed solution is to use the read/write and copy_from/copy_to hooks in
the map_info struct to provide access to the device through a window.  This
would obviously only apply to my board, but I'm thinking that as memory
sizes and Flash sizes increase this problem will become more common.  Should
I implement this in the main MTD code?  If so, has anyone any preferences
for how I do it?

Alternatively, I've completely missed the point and there's already a way to
do this, but I couldn't see anything in any of the other mapping drivers.



PS: David, I've submitted a request to our IT dept for IMAP access to our
<spit> exchange server </spit> so I can use a less proprietary mail client.

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