atomic file operations

Sergei Sharonov sergei.sharonov at
Fri Mar 25 11:18:35 EST 2005


I was browsing the mailing lists and found that this topic has already 
generated a fair bit of discussions started by Vipin Malik around 2001. 
Then the consensus was that it is not a responsibility of a filesystem 
to do transactions but a user space application. Nevertheless this question 
keeps coming back again and again because obviously people with 
"real life" applications want a way to store data in a transactional 
manner. Nowadays there are also filesystems out there that sport that
transactional functionality to address this need despite the fact that 
"POSIX does not require it" and such. Obviously there are also transactional 
databases out there (Dah!) but that does not help much if one needs to expose 
data as a filesystem.

I appologize since it now appears that the original post had little to 
do with JFFS2 ;-) so the question may be rephrased as: Is anybody aware 
of a generic transactional library that can be run on top of JFFS2 to 
provide transactions for the filesystem operations? Or is everybody 
for himself?

Sergei Sharonov

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