lilo vs. diskonchip (again, sorry)

Dan Brown dan_brown at
Mon Mar 14 15:51:52 EST 2005

Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>>BTW, is docboot only intended for inftl devices, or
>>does it work for nftl DoC's too?
> Docboot seems to be written for and tested on INFTL devices, but it
> should be not that hard to make it work on NFTL DoCs. 
> Dan ??

Yeah, this issue keeps coming up.  I keep hoping someone else will 
volunteer, since I don't use NFTL-based devices anymore in my project. 
No such luck :(

However, since I keep claiming it should be easy to add this support to 
DOCboot, I'll go ahead and put something together over the next week or so.


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