jffs2 with sync burst mode

Artem B. Bityuckiy dedekind at infradead.org
Thu Mar 10 12:17:28 EST 2005

> Well, may be... hence my question. But I have no clue anymore where to
> search. I hacked onto this burst mode for weeks and only jffs2 is not
> working in always a similair pattern.
> Thats why I show up here, may be burst mode is broken for this system
> and that only for jffs2. But I don't know how this filesystems works
> exactly when reading and I am trying to find out which fucking bug in
> hardware it could trigger, all other tests run fine.
Well, then I offer to start debugging. Insert printk() calls and start 
catching error step by step.

All JFFS2 read/write goes through mtd->write(), mtd->writev(), 
mtd->read(). You might just find the corresponded handlers and insert 
printk's there. This will give us additional information.

Best Regards,
Artem B. Bityuckiy,
St.-Petersburg, Russia.

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