jedec_probe.c bug: AMD AM29LV800 in byte mode

Steve Wahl steve.wahl at
Tue Mar 8 14:08:53 EST 2005

[Trying again, maybe I was overbose last time. :-) If I missed a
response, feel free to bash me with a clue-by-4.]

When this chip (AM29LV800) is in byte mode, the id should be read from
location 2, and when in word mode, the id should be read from location

jedec_read_id() (jedec_probe.c, near line 1675) seems to do the exact
opposite (read from 2 in word mode, and 1 in byte mode).  Because of
this, it is not finding this chip for me.  

I hacked it to always read from 2 rather than 1.

I'm willing to develop a patch for this, but I'm sure some chips
actually work with the current code, and I don't want to break them.
So I need some guidance on how to proceed.

Should I be reading both location 1 and location 2, and add a field to
jedec_table[] that indicates which location(s) to compare with?

--> Steve Wahl, Qlogic Corporation

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