Trying to get 1Gb Samsung nand flash working

Thomas Gleixner tglx at
Tue Mar 8 02:15:03 EST 2005


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On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 12:56 +0000, extabe at wrote:
> The chip is a Samsung 1Gx8 Bit NAND Flash (K9W8G08U1M). It is 
> detected as a 512Mb chip (K9k4G08U0M) since it consist of two 
> K9k4G08U0M stacked.

Should work.

> I use 2.4.25 kernel patched with "mtd-snapshot-20050223"
> The CVS $Id string is:
> $Id: nand_bbt.c,v1.31 2005/02/16 17:09:36 dedekind Exp $

There was a change in the bad block table code recently. I'm not sure if
it is relevant to your problem - it should not. I send you a patch
seperately to backout the changes. Please give it a try.

> As I mentioned erlier I´ve used a Samsung 64Mb chip (K9F1208U0M) 
> with the same driver and it´s working good.

This chip is a small page chip (512Byte + 16Byte oob) and therefor a
different thing.

Can I have a look on your board driver please ?


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