Re; MTD (2) Block Driver broken

Gareth Bult gareth at
Mon Mar 7 17:10:17 EST 2005

> To see the advantages, you only have to look at the noise on certain
> other lists where people do get away with posting whatever crap they
> like. It's not as if you were asked to do anything particularly onerous,
> surely? But again, if you were offended by being asked to conform to
> what we consider to be common netiquette, then I apologise. I can only
> point out that others would be offended if we let it happen -- if not
> directly by the posts in question, then by the fact that the developers
> who can be most useful in answering questions and fixing bugs start to
> pay less attention because of the noise.

Mmm, sure. I've only been an Internet email user / Unix developer for 18
years, what would I know about netiquette .. 

> That's OK -- but still I suspect it was just such an alien attitude that
> we didn't quite believe you :)

If I type an email, I do it for a reason.

If an automaton mails me back telling me that it's not proper
netiquette, my time is being wasted. Spending time is fine, wasting it
is unacceptable and offencive.

I get a LOT of junk mail. I have a "Junk" button in my mailer. I don't
waste people's time telling them how to format emails, it's not
reasonable. I rely on common sense. If I get an unacceptable email, I
junk it.

> Jörn screwed up your code, but seems to have fixed it now. He's removed
> your name at your request, but if you want it put back now that the code
> appears to be working, just say the word. Personally, I'm much happier
> giving credit where it's due.

When I get time I'll test it. If it works, I may even use it. I'm not
however desperate to have my name on it. Everyone screws up code - it's
not a problem .. submitting changed code however without testing it is a
little .. overconfident (?)

I don't work on code for credit, I work on it because I enjoy it.


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